How To Set Up A Tea Room

Once you have decided that a Tea Room is going to be your “cup of tea” as a business owner, you are about to set out on an exciting journey. Setting up any type of business comes with a lot of responsibilities and dedication. There are a few steps that you are going to want to take to make this business a success.

Start with a Plan

Before you can even begin to set up your Tea Room you need to have a well thought out plan. This is going to help you determine the amount of space that you are going to need. It will also help to keep you on financial track.

The Menu

While of course tea offerings is going to be the mainstay of your business, you need to decide what other items you are going to want to offer. Most likely you will not only want a good selection of teas, and perhaps the option of offering other beverages, you will also want to offer small snacks. Normally what is expected and goes really well with the Tea Room setting is baked goods.

Planning Your Space

Once you know what your menu is going to be, this will help you determine how to divide up your space. Your menu dictates how much space you need for food preparation. Then the balance can mostly be used for your customer services. You will need some storage space as well.

Your furniture

Knowing how much space is available for your consumers use will help you to know what kind of furniture you will need in regards to tables and chairs.

Once you get the basics of your Tea Room set up you can always make adjustments to better suit the business. After being open for a short period of time you will get a better idea of what is working well and what isn’t.