Your Responsibilities as a Business Owner

If opening your Tea Room means this is the first time you are going to be a business owner then you are in for an exciting experience. While it is wonderful to be your own boss, you are soon going to discover that its not a perfect world. You have a lot of responsibilities. Here is a short list of them that you need to give some thought to:

Extended Hours

You will have set hours for the times that your Tea Room is going to be open to the public. Don’t think that when you close the doors at closing time that your day has come to an end. You most likely still have plenty of work to do which cannot be done during the hours of operation. You will naturally have to dedicate less hours to your business if you are able to hire additional staff. Chances are in the beginning this won’t be possible so you will have to handle a lot of the tasks on your own.

Keeping Your Tea Room Clean

You will have the big chore of making sure that your Tea Room is kept very clean. There are regulations that you will have to adhere to in this regard. When you are open to the public you will be doing basic cleaning throughout the day. After closing, then you have the bigger task of doing a thorough cleaning so you are prepared for the next day.

Keeping up With Products

If you are offering other food items beside just tea then you may have taken on the responsibility of baking and preparing these yourself. This again will be another after hours job waiting for you. It is important that you don’t over extend yourself as there is only so much you can accomplish well in a day.